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Digital Impact: Digital art in focus

Digital Impact: Digital art in focus

With almost every aspect of human life now digitalized, it is crystal clear that digitalization is here to stay. Screens, data clouds, and a plethora of other terms have all become part of our daily lives, and the world of art is no exception.

The number of digital art shows in Barcelona has increased significantly in recent years: Barcelona was home to ISEA2022, the 27th International Symposium of Electronic Art last year. while, the IDEAL digital art center in Barcelona also offers a range of exciting audiovisual works, and the Moco Museum increasingly focuses on digital culture, as can be seen in its Digital Immersive Art exhibition, running right now.

The Disseny Hub Barcelona is also turning the spotlight on the increasing importance of technological innovation in its Digital Impact show, a ground-breaking exhibition on digital design and the power of creativity.


Digital Impact: An immersive experience

Digital Impact is not just an art exhibition; it is much, much more than that; Digital Impact is an immersive experience over 4,000 square meters in which the unlimited imagination of 16 artists has given rise to colors and shapes of every description and opened the door on a whole new world in which there is a huge amount to discover and learn.

Visitors to this digital experience, which will be running until August 27 at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, will be able to reflect on digital transformation and the art of the future through the works of sixteen local and internationally renowned digital artists, including Refik Anadol, Joëlle Snaith, Field, Brendan Dawes, Josue Ibañez, and Antoni Arola, who represent both the present and future of digital art. Most of the works, created exclusively for this special occasion, offer new combinations of physical and virtual realities.

Furthermore, a wide range of events will be held throughout the city. On May 5, Refik Anadol returns to Casa Batlló with his “Living Architecture” show, an astonishing combination of digital art mapped onto on Gaudi’s iconic façade. The Moritz brewery, a partner of Digital Impact, will also be supporting the exhibition with a two-for-one offer on the first Saturday of every month. Lastly, the Liceu Opera House will be programming an installation between July 18 and 25 and a concert by Playmodes, an audiovisual research studio that uses both software and hardware in its works.

Barcelona, multimedia city

This temporary exhibition, a result of public and private sponsorship, places the city of Barcelona at the forefront of multimedia art. The initiative is promoted by the Disseny Hub Barcelona and supported by the Department of Tourism and Creative Industries of the Barcelona City Council and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The exhibition is also supported by the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers, MIRA Digital Arts Festival, Mirador Torre Glòries, Tram, New Art Foundation, The Hoxton, and Loop Barcelona.

A very close relationship has now been forged between Barcelona and multimedia art. The Disseny Hub Barcelona was completed in 2013 and, a year later, the Barcelona Design Museum was opened in the building, whose unusual, but sustainable design has led to it being dubbed ‘The Stapler’ by the people of Barcelona.

Located in Plaça de les Glòries, the Disseny Hub Barcelona, with its unique aesthetics and its numerous exhibitions, has now been offering a wide range of culture to the city of Barcelona for almost a decade. There is no doubt that this city icon, a symbol of the architectural boom following the 1992 Olympics, is a must-see for lovers of architecture and design.


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