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The sensitivity of Carla Cascales' comes to Galeria Senda

The sensitivity of Carla Cascales' comes to Galeria Senda

Carla Cascales

The work of the Barcelona artist is being displayed for the first time in the mezzanine of the gallery.

Sculptor, designer, painter, illustrator, photographer... Carla Cascales is one of the most talented and internationally-renowned artists on the Barcelona art scene.

Born in Barcelona, Carla Cascales studied Advertising and Public Relations, but at the age of 26 she decided to give up her career to pursue her true passion: art. Although she has a studio in the Sant Andreu district, she is always on the move and in recent years she has been artist in residence in Tokyo, Florence and San Francisco. Cascales has both contributed to joint collections and had her own shows in Spain, the USA, and the UK.

The key to her style is simplicity and she uses natural materials without interfering with them. In fact, her work is all about imperfection, impurity, and seeking beauty well away from the aesthetic canon.

Now, for the first time at the Galeria Senda in Trafalgar street, the artist is displaying her new collection "Le Temps" as part of the the 9th Art Nou (New Art) show. “Le temps” is a collection of sculptures and paintings that reveal the beauty of the passage of time.

"Le Temps" was conceived during the months of lockdown, when Carla Cascales was prompted to reflect on the subject of cessation and calm, the perception of the natural environment, and landscapes of family memory.

As the Galleria Senda explains, "the unique and irregular forms of nature are recreated in the delicate beauty of the pieces that merge into one another, forming a subtle whole in which marble, ceramic and organic resin become the peace and quiet of the evening air or the languor of calm waves". Time stopped is peace, not simply the absence of movement.

"The new proposal of Cascales is called "Le Temps" and is the result of these months of lockdown"

One of the most iconic art centers in Barcelona, the Galeria Senda was founded in 1991 by its current director, Carlos Durán. It is a space that supports the talent, risk-taking and uniqueness of both young artists and those who are already well-established on the national or international arena. It opened its doors for the first time on Consell de Cent street, but in 2015 it moved to Trafalgar street, where several other galleries, such as Dilalica or Bombon, are also located.

The Senda is also deeply involved other art initiatives such as LOOP Barcelona, the leading international video art fair, and Talking Galleries, an initiative that promotes debate and discussions around the development of the art industry.

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