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Tomorrow is another day, by Lluís Ruiz Ribot 

Tomorrow is another day, by Lluís Ruiz Ribot 

Lluís Ruiz Ribot

Director de operaciones para Grupo KFC, Asia

“The Singapore government has been well-prepared, determined, and effective,” says Lluís Ruiz Ribot, head of operations at KFC Asia, who points out that, with very few deaths in the country and uncrowded hospitals, it has made use of technology, contact tracing, and regular communication via Whatsapp and Twitter.

He laments the fact that in Barcelona “there has been too much talk and too little coordination amongst the different administrations and social agents”. “Although we consider ourselves to be a global city, we are too inward-looking. While the world is moving forward, we are lagging behind”, he insists.

Ruiz believes that the key lies in talent: “training, cultivating, rewarding, retaining and attracting talent”. He stresses that Barcelona must “make it as easy and as advantageous as possible”  for talented professionals to settle in Barcelona.

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