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AdSalutem Institute, the home of dreams

AdSalutem Institute, the home of dreams

Based in Barcelona, AdSalutem is a pioneer in the research and diagnosis of Sleep Medicine, helping to make the city a leading European health hub

This is a city where people almost inevitably conduct their personal and professional lives at a frenetic, almost frantic pace, causing the vast majority to eat at odd times and sleep little and poorly, a phenomenon known as social jet lag.

We are not really conscious of how important it is to rest, sleep well, and get the most out of good quality sleep. Nor are we aware of the short and long term impact of poor sleep on our health and how it can lead to premature aging and conditions such as obesity, hypertension, Parkinson's, epilepsy, stroke, and breast cancer, etc.

In order to investigate sleep and its impact on people's health in an environment like this, Barcelona is lucky enough to have a pioneering organization, the AdSalutem Institute, which is unique for its work and innovation in the field of research and development of sleep medicine. The organization is headed up by Dr. Antoni Esteve, a member of the family who founded the institute, and it works together with various bodies on research projects. This includes work with Barcelona football club on the role of sleep in sports performance; the Barcelona Health Hub on the impact of sleep on people's health and well-being; the Guttmann Institute and La Caixa on the relationship between brain health and sleep quality as part of the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI); the Dexeus Mujer clinic on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep problems in menopausal women; and the UIC in a pioneering analysis of healthy sleep habits in students. el sueño y su incidencia en la salud de las personas, Barcelona cuenta con una organización pionera, AdSalutem Institute, que destaca por su labor y su innovadora propuesta en el campo de la investigación y desarrollo de la Medicina del Sueño. La organización está liderada por el Dr. Antoni Estevemiembro de la familia fundadora de Esteve, y trabaja con diversas entidades como el FCBarcelona, para investigar el papel del sueño en el rendimiento deportivo; el Barcelona Health Hub, con el objetivo de desarrollar proyectos que relacionan el sueño y su incidencia en la salud y bienestar de las personas; el Instituto Guttmann y La Caixa, para profundizar en el conocimiento sobre la relación entre salud cerebral y calidad de sueño con el Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI); la clínica Dexeus Mujer, en un estudio sobre el diagnóstico y tratamiento de los problemas de sueño en mujeres con menopausia; o la UIC, en un análisis pionero de los hábitos saludables del sueño en los estudiantes.

"AdSalutem, led by Dr. Antoni Esteve, has consolidated its position as an important player in the field of sleep medicine, with agreements with global entities such as FCB, La Caixa and Dexeus Mujer"

Located on Passeig Manuel Girona between the Les Corts and Pedralbes districts AdSalutem is located in a completely remodeled and fully equipped 17th century building that provides a striking contrast with the architecture and urban design of the area. The sleep center is located right at the heart of a hospital cluster, next door to the Cima Hospital and close to the Creu Blanca Clinic, the Corachan, the Tres Torres Clinic, the Barcelona Hospital and the Dexeus University Hospital. This pioneering Barcelona clinic focuses on sleep medicine science and its dissemination in society, providing therapeutic sleep for patients with complex diseases and accurate diagnoses of sleep disorders. Les Corts y Pedralbes, en el Passeig Manuel Girona, cuenta con un singular edificio, totalmente remodelado y habilitado, que data del S.XVII, y que rompe con la uniformidad de la arquitectura y urbanismo de la zona. La masía se encuentra justo en el corazón de un entorno hospitalario, puerta con puerta con el Hospital Cima y cerca de la Clínica Creu Blanca, la Corachan, la Clínica Tres Torres, el Hospital de Barcelona o el Hospital Universitario Dexeus. La pionera organización barcelonesa se centra en la gestión de los conocimientos relacionados con la Medicina del Sueño y su difusión en nuestra sociedad, dando un valor terapéutico al sueño en pacientes que tienen una enfermedad compleja, y proporcionando un diagnóstico preciso del trastorno del sueño.

With a multidisciplinary team of talented young sleep specialists, AdSalutem benefits from a pioneering approach to care that makes it unique amongst other clinics (both in Barcelona and in Spain as a whole). This enables it to tackle as yet unmet medical challenges, make accurate diagnoses, and provide treatment for patients with complex illnesses suffering from sleep disorders.

Institutions like the AdSalutem Institute contribute to the consolidation of Greater Barcelona as an ideal place for entrepreneurship, for attracting investment in new health-related businesses (hospitals, research and pharmaceutical companies), and attracting and retaining the city's glocal talent, all essential for making Barcelona a health hub and the beating heart of life sciences in southern Europe. Barcelona como un hub de salud y epicentro de las ciencias de la vida en el sur de Europa. 

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