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We visit the new Casa Seat in Barcelona

We visit the new Casa Seat in Barcelona

Casa Seat Barcelona

A new space in Barcelona where to discover urban mobility

Just when we thought that everything had come to a standstill, a new urban mobility hub was being created in the heart of Barcelona. Casa Seat is the new headquarters of the car manufacturer that has made its home in Barcelona over the last seventy years.

Seat is fully conscious that cities need to change in order to rise to the challenge of future mobility and requirements for sustainability, safety, connectivity and shared transport, so Seat's key aim in opening Casa Seat is to explore the future of mobility in a building that takes its inspiration from the new technologies and the city's flair for design and creativity.

Industrial style

It is impossible not to notice number 109, Passeig de Gràcia: now completely renovated, it combines Barcelona's well-known urban style with a new view of the future. Once inside, visitors discover a space in which they will feel at home: a dynamic, changing area (designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán) which integrates avant-garde interior design and a palette of bright colors illuminated by the natural light streaming through the large glass façade. Features such as the exposed, brightly-lit escalators and the large fans ooze industrial style.

"2600m2 where urban culture, mobility, sustainability and technology are the protagonists"

The first floor of Casa Seat houses the latest Seat and Cupra models as well as the Seat Mó range, which offers a new approach to new urban mobility. In addition to being a showroom, however, Casa Seat is also home to the Concept Lab, only accessible to the designers working on the initial stages of the manufacturer's new models.

Besides raising the issue of mobility, Casa Seat aspires to provide a meeting point in the city for a range of different events. The June agenda includes conferences, concerts, and cooking demonstrations, while in August there will be a series of events on Federico García Lorca.

Gourmet space

Finally, there are few places in Barcelona that don't have their own corner for a coffee or a snack, and Casa Seat is no exception. Visitors can take a break to enjoy a gourmet menu in the Mercat d'Autors restaurant run by Ametller Origen on the ground floor which offers the dishes of renowned chefs such as Nandu Jubany, Hideki Matsuhisa, Christian Escribà, Josep Maria Kao, and the Colombo brothers.

Although things have been quiet for a while, we live in a city that never stops moving: from one end of Barcelona to the other, from the metropolitan area to the city center; by car, by underground or by bike; going to work, to see friends, to a concert or a favorite restaurant, we are always on the move. And Barcelona and Casa Seat are the perfect place to discover how to keep doing so in the future.

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