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Miguel Blanca: Barcelona should commit itself to the digital industry

Miguel Blanca: Barcelona should commit itself to the digital industry

Miguel Blanca arrived in Barcelona four years ago. Married, with two daughters, 42-year-old Miguel is from Mexico, where he spent his childhood and student days. After graduating, he spent two years in Detroit, Michigan and eight years in Phoenix, Arizona. He is Vice President for People and Finance at T-Systems Iberia, a German digital services technology company that has 29,000 employees in over 20 countries.

Why did you choose Barcelona? 

Although my wife has spent most of her life in Mexico, she was born here, so we always planned to move to Europe at some point in our lives. Fortunately, in 2017 the opportunity came up for me to relocate from T-Systems North America to T-Systems Iberia.    

What are the city’s strengths? 

Multicultualism and talent. Barcelona has the spark that many cosmopolitan cities have, not to mention the impressive culture offerings and gastronomy, which attract new generations from all over the world. Of course, the climate and location are also wonderful and make Barcelona one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world.

What would you improve? How? 

Security, of course, is paramount. I think we all agree that security is getting worse every year and this needs to be stopped. Although Barcelona is still a very safe city in general terms, we must bring a halt to this downward trend.  

What should the city do to get over the Covid-19 crisis?? 

Barcelona is a very well-known brand worldwide, but it needs to make sure the political conflict doesn’t damage its image. It is an enviable city that should host many more international events like the Mobile World Congress every year.  Furthermore, the city should do more to encourage young talent living here, especially in the field of technology. Barcelona is a technology startup hub and the city should make sure this is widely known and continue to facilitate the creation of value and innovation in digital products.

What challenges do you think the city will face once the health emergency is finally over? 

Barcelona has everything it needs to get over the crisis. It has the talent, the enthusiasm and the infrastructure. All of these need to be supported. And let’s hope that the political conflict can be resolved in a civilized manner.

What hopes do you have for Barcelona in the coming years?  

I would like it to continue breaking new ground. It should be committed to the development of the digital industry and become both a European and global benchmark—an example of sustainability, social responsibility, and technological development. And I would like it to become fashionable again!

Which city do you consider to be your city? What do you miss the most? 

Barcelona is definitely my city and I would like to spend many more years here. I have lived in five different cities, in three countries, and on two continents and I can say that each place has its charm. But of course, I miss the warmth of the people in Mexico and the food there, and the business mentality, innovation and customer service in the United States. 

Read the interview in El Periódico.

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