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Veronica Fuerte, an example of Barcelona's creative and entrepreneurial talent

Veronica Fuerte, an example of Barcelona's creative and entrepreneurial talent

Verónica Fuerte, graphic designer and CEO of Hey Studio

Known for its multiculturalism and entrepreneurship, Barcelona encourages glocal talent to embrace new business models and ideas. glocal a emprender nuevos modelos e ideas de negocio.

One entrepreneur is Veronica Fuerte, a graphic designer from Barcelona who has made a bold commitment to the city's talented young designers.  Veronica has gradually made a name for herself in international branding, editorial design and illustration, helping to position Barcelona as an vigorous creativity and technology hub that is constantly changing and adapting.

Veronica studied design at the Elisava design school in Barcelona. After more than five years working in different design studios, she decided to express her colorful personality in a business venture that benefits from Barcelona's young glocal talent. glocal In 2007 she founded Hey, a graphic design and illustration studio located in the central neighborhood of Raval. Its aim was to become a key player and change agent on the Spanish branding and brand design scene. It creates bold messages and designs that challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and conservative approaches.

"In 2007 Veronica founded Hey, a studio that works with illustration and graphic design projects"

The Hey Studio team, led by Veronica, strikes a balance between artistic and creative imagination and the need to adapt to business needs. After 13 years in business, Hey has become a benchmark for the sector. It has made posters for the CCCB, worked with the Fundació Miró, and created numerous designs for major international publications such as Wired, Monocle and The Wall Street Journal. It has also worked on brand creation and conceptual communication campaigns for brands such as Apple, Uniqlo, Nokia and PayPal. Veronica Fuerte's studio constantly pushes back the limits of creativity; it has a direct manner and an open and simple visual language; it transmits passion, dedication and obsession for detail in each new project, and it demonstrates the ongoing ability to evolve, adapt and innovate.

"Barcelona has become a reference in the field of graphic design, like Berlin, Amsterdam or London"

This is one more example that demonstrates that the future of the city depends on encouraging bold, creative ideas, and fostering the artistic spirit and a culture of entrepreneurship. We need versatile pioneers who are keen to push back the limits of creativity and have the can-do attitude that is needed for successful entrepreneurship in the future.

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