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Xavier Pellicer; the best vegetable chef in the world

Xavier Pellicer; the best vegetable chef in the world

Xavier Pellicer, chef, 1 Michelin star

Xavier Pellicer is a highly talented chef who is committed to healthy gourmet cuisine. His goal is to strike a balance between the pleasure of eating and the feeling of wellness provided by good digestion. The cuisine of this chef from Barcelona is based primarily on the use of locally-grown vegetables and a “Healthy Kitchen” approach to cooking.

His talent and attention to detail has led his restaurant—which opened two years ago and bears his name —to be recognized as "Best Vegetable Restaurant in the World" by the We're Smart Green Guide for the second year running.

In 2018, after working at Can Fabes, Abac and Celeri (where he won a Michelin star in 2017), Pellicer decided to set up his own restaurant, the Restaurant Xavier Pellicer, in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample district. The menu uses local organic vegetables, grown in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Pellicer has also opened a small, independent annex to his restaurant called "El Menjador," where he offers a selection of more exclusive menus: vegan, ovolacto-vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

To achieve the success he is enjoying today—with his own restaurant and a Michelin star under his belt—Pellicer has had a long career in gastronomy, working with great chefs such as Santi Santamaria. After the death of Santamaria, Pellicer discovered biodynamic agriculture and enrolled in courses at the National Biodynamic School in Spain; at the same time he became involved in the world of Ayurvedic cuisine and this led him to deepen his commitment to the idea of the Healthy Kitchen.

Pellicer is just one of the talented and innovative chefs on the Barcelona gastronomic scene, belonging to a young generation of chefs who have reinvented cuisine in order to surprise diners and who provide extraordinary service in their restaurants, making Barcelona an unmissable city on the world's gastronomic scene.

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