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Elisabetta Morrielli: «El talento va a permitir transformar la ciudad»

Elisabetta Morrielli: «El talento va a permitir transformar la ciudad»

Elisabetta Morrielli. Socia consultora en RRHH de Globalpacta

Elisabetta Morrielli es italiana y vive en Barcelona desde 2009. Vivió y estudió en Roma, hasta que viajó a Montpellier para estudiar un máster. Su pasión era la gestión de proyectos y las temáticas de género y tuvo la oportunidad de ir a vivir y trabajar con UNICEF en Bissau (Guinea Bissau).  Al tener a su primer hijo se mudó a París y finalmente a Cali (Colombia) donde estuvo dos años y donde nació su segundo hijo. Llegó a Barcelona hace 11 años.  Desde 2020, es socia consultora en RRHH de Globalpacta, un despacho internacional de abogados, consultores y economistas. “Las personas son mi pasión y me dedico a dar servicios a las empresas en su gestión del talento, proyectos de RRHH y de cambios organizativos”, asegura.

Why did you choose Barcelona?

I came to Barcelona for the first time in 2009 as the wife of an expatriate. I knew nothing about the culture or history of Catalonia, but I immediately fell in love with the city, so what was going to be only a short stay turned into a long-term venture. I had the good fortune to study at business school here and then go on to conduct a professional life with local and international responsibilities. I also enjoy both the social and cultural life of the city and day-to-day life with my family. After spending year in Milan I decided to move to Barcelona for good in 2016. I decided to return for a number of reasons: the quality of life, the professional opportunities, the friendships, and because this is the city where my children grew up. I know they will always come back to see me here, wherever they might live.

What do you like most about the city?

Barcelona felt like home right from the beginning. The culture here is very similar to Italian culture: it’s about spending time with the family, eating well, going out for drinks with friends, and taking advantage of every moment. Barcelona is a relatively small city in which it is easy to get around, and it is well-organized, and culturally active. While it is modern, it also has a delightful historical center with fascinating modernista architecture. What strikes me most is that the people of Barcelona are very open to multiculturalism. Here you never feel judged by what you look like or how you dress, or by your accent or the color of your skin.

Which aspects do you think could be improved?

Barcelona is worthy of greater security and high quality tourism. I would like to see the people of Barcelona enjoying the city center once again and it would be great if Barcelona's beaches and its historic center could be places where families can stroll peacefully by day or night. I would like businesses, tourists, and locals to be able to enjoy the city center side by side. We should also make the most of the talent we have in the city, with more initiatives for people from different backgrounds to come and work or start their businesses here.

What do you think will help Barcelona overcome the Covid-19 crisis?

It is people who make all the difference. The quality of life we have in Barcelona makes it incredibly attractive both to the young and the more experienced. Barcelona is a creative city, which has the potential to lead the field in many areas and to develop a more sustainable economy and approach to tourism.

What challenges to you think the city will face once the health emergency has died down?

Many people have suffered and continue to suffer from the crisis; policies to support citizens have not been accompanied by initiatives to sustain the economy. It is companies that create jobs... We need to encourage recruitment in this period of crisis and help the self-employed to maintain and develop their businesses. And we need to help entrepreneurs to create the businesses that Barcelona will depend on in the future.

What are your hopes for Barcelona in the coming years?

I foresee a technologically advanced city, with startup hubs in the medical, technology, and environment sectors. Talent will transform the city into a place where there will be a more sustainable approach to tourism and a more sustainable economy. Barcelona will feel that it belongs to the people who live here, whether they are natives or "Barcelonians" by choice.

Which city do you feel is your home city? What do you miss most?

That's a difficult question to answer. I certainly feel Roman, but my home city is now Barcelona. What I miss most is my family in Rome, of course, but everything else I have here in Barcelona.

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