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Objetivo Barcelona: Outstanding Metropolitan Area

Objetivo Barcelona: Outstanding Metropolitan Area

The Greater Barcelona Metropolitan Area now encompasses 3.2 million inhabitants and an area of some 600km2 . All the different municipalities in the area have their own histories and characteristics, but they are highly interdependent when it comes to planning their future. There is an urgent need for joint policies to address challenges related to mobility, housing, and tourism. We need a joint strategy for the whole Barcelona metropolitan areas to enable the growth of the region and the future of a global city. Job opportunities should be distributed throughout the area, not only in Barcelona, and mobility and connectivity should enable all inhabitants to access the services offered by a first class urban ecosystem.

For ideas on the future of the Greater Barcelona, listen to:

  • Vicente Guallart, architect and founder of Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)
  • Mariona Tomás, professor of political science at the University of Barcelona
  • Pilar Conesa, CEO of Anteverti
  • Carme Ribas, manager of the Consorci del Besós
  • Josep Ricart, architect. Founding partner of Harquitectes
  • Anna Gener, CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona
  • Mateu Hernández, CEO of Barcelona Global
  • Greg Clark, Global Advisor at Future Cities & New Industries
  • Ramon Gras, researcher into urban innovation at Harvard University-Aretian
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