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Objetivo Barcelona

Objetivo Barcelona

At Barcelona Global we and our partners study what Barcelona needs to make it one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity. We have developed specific proposals on tourism, mobility, housing, public-private collaboration, scale-ups, international talent, etc. and we have a vision for what Barcelona should look like in 2050.

In these audiovisual capsules, experts on Barcelona reflect on the city of the future. The city needs specialist talent in education, research, health, entrepreneurship, new industry and creativity. And Barcelona needs to be open to the world and to dream of a future that offers opportunities for all.

“2050 is the day after tomorrow. For a city, 30 years is no time at all”

“We need a 30 year plan; otherwise it is just business as usual, managing the day-to-day”

“If you don’t have this vision of the future you end up with political choices that will take you in different directions at the same time”

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