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10 Reasons why global talent choose Barcelona, by Carine Lebecque

10 Reasons why global talent choose Barcelona, by Carine Lebecque

Carine Lebecque

International Talent Monitor Director

Internationals with talent – like you – are essential to Barcelona – bringing experience, diversity, investment and connections. You help the development of the city and help to shape its global image.

At Barcelona Global, our role is to make the city more attractive for the talent living here – researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, creative minds, artists and investors – and to help you better integrate in the city.

One way we do this, is through our popular biennial survey – The International Talent Monitor – first launched in 2013 in collaboration with Banco Sabadell. This is an important strategic tool that helps us to shape the future of the Barcelona as a global city.

The 2021 International Talent Monitor – celebrating its 5th anniversary!

The objective of the survey – completed by more than a thousand of Barcelonians by choice – is to understand the needs and perceptions of all international professionals living and working in Barcelona to improve their integration and sense of belonging.

Our previous surveys have given us a much deeper knowledge of internationals living here and has helped us to mobilize for important changes in the lives of Barcelonians by choice, including taxation, housing and other areas.

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Your voice counts – Speak Up

As a Barcelonian by choice your opinion is important. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like about living in Barcelona and how we can make the city better for international talent like you.

The 2021 International Talent Monitor Survey will be available online during the month of May and results will be published in September 2021.

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10 reasons to choose Barcelona

Here are the top 10 reasons why international talent choose Barcelona over other cities.

  1. Privileged location connected with the global and European market.
  2. Very well communicated, a city of easy access and mobility.
  3. Diversified economic activity
  4. Digital and creative
  5. Cosmopolitan, diverse and intercultural with a high flow of visitors, trade and events
  6. Quality education with international schools and top ranked business schools
  7. Hub of entrepreneurship, research and innovation tech and scientific
  8. Good international reputation with high quality of life and a safe environment
  9. Quality of life due to its infrastructure, climate, natural landscape, beaches, and cultural life
  10. High quality infrastructure with a good public transport system, easy access through the port and airport, quality roads and bicycle access

One Barcelonian by Choice’s story: Carine Lebecque

We decided to move to Barcelona 7 years ago after travelling the world as expats for over 10 years. Originally from Paris, we had the wonderful opportunity to live, work and build our family in global cities like Seoul, Helsinki, New York City and Beijing.

In 2014, we decided to leave our jobs, friends and community in Beijing and we took a gamble by moving to another city to continue our global adventure – this time, Barcelona!

Why Barcelona?

We wanted a city with business opportunities, which was well connected, had international vibes, a good education and health system, but also offered an excellent quality of life for our family.

We considered San Francisco, Miami, Singapore and Barcelona, comparing advantages and drawbacks of each city, before we finally settled for Barcelona. We became Barcelonians-by-choice and are now happily settled here, having made new friends, found jobs and being truly integrated in Barcelona’s international and local communities.

What internationals like about Barcelona

Here are some of the conclusions of the 2019th edition of the International Talent Monitor:

  • Barcelona is a city with a powerful capacity to both attract and retain international talent and is perceived as an international, cosmopolitan and attractive city for international talent.
  • Assets such as international connections, the cultural offerings, the sports environment, healthcare and quality of life are considered highly positive by Barcelonians by choice.
  • Building on this great capacity as being attractive and welcoming for international talent will certainly bring Barcelona to the next level of development and the creation of better opportunities.

What internationals don’t like about Barcelona

In order to jump into a new dimension of becoming a global city, some barriers need to be solved especially when talking to attract senior or more mature talent (people with at least 10 years of experience).

Administrative processes, taxation, education of children, housing, cost of living and low salaries are the key issues where Barcelona needs to improve. The political situation and safety grew as an increasing concern amongst international respondents compared to previous editions.

When looking at the profile of respondents, Barcelona has accelerated its profile as a tech and entrepreneurial city, with a great capacity to attract young technological talent.

What is most of the respondents profile?

They are newcomers living in Barcelona for less than 2 years, working in the tech sector, and are Europeans with a master’s degree or PhD.

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