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International Talent Monitor, facing the city challenges

International Talent Monitor, facing the city challenges

Fanny Magini

International Talent Monitor Director

Barcelonians by choice, participate in the improvement of your host city!

It has now been almost a year since I arrived from Montreal with my family in this beautiful city of Barcelona. We are very happy to be here. Now, I have a better knowledge of the city, how it works, the neighbourhoods, the Catalan culture and language, and we are starting to have an interesting social life. I am very excited to be the International Talent Monitor Director this year. I strongly believe its results will help Barcelona Global to advocate for improving Barcelona’s effort for welcoming International talent, and improving the quality of life here. At the end, quality of life is the most important criteria when choosing a place to live and work.

That’s why we want you to answer the survey and help us build a Barcelona for international talent.


You just arrived in Barcelona, or you have been living here for years? You are currently working or you are looking for new opportunities? We want to hear your opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your host city. As you all have experienced, when you move abroad, several things can make your experience positive, or not. Among them, ease of getting the necessary administrative paperwork, price and availability of housing, diversity and quality of education, efficiency of public transportation, quality of the health system, security, pollution, access of sports and culture, taxes and legislation…

International talent refers to skilled international professionals with knowledge, expertise or international connections who generate benefits for the local society, businesses and industries. Researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, investors, university students, employees of international organizations or companies, are examples of international talent.

What is the International Talent Monitor?

It’s a biennial survey that helps us understand the needs and perceptions of international professionals living and working in Barcelona. Its conclusions help Barcelona Global advocate for the improvement of the city’s organization, operations and relevant laws.

This year is the 6th edition: RESPOND TO THE SURVEY, and share it to your international friends and colleagues!

The International Talent Monitor has 2 parts:

  • An online survey (15 minutes – to collect quantitative feedback), that will give and a better idea of your thoughts on: Barcelona as a global city; living conditions; working and operating a business; education system and services for families and integration into Barcelona’s society.
  • Also, 8 focus groups will be organized to help us collect qualitative data. It allows us a deeper discussion on different issues of the survey. Here are the topics:
    • Education; Health and Pharma; Tourism, Culture and Sports; Research and Innovation; Startups and Tech; Investment; City services and Housing; Mobility, Infrastructures and Sustainability.

International Talent Monitor’s previous impacts

Thanks to the survey’s conclusions, Barcelona Global could successfully advocate for the implementation of several projects, including: A single point of access for international professionals landing in Barcelona; tax improvements for internationals professionals and companies; a study to support the creation of an affordable international school and improvement of the metropolitan housing policy.

How can you help us distribute the survey?

Since 2013, more than 2000 internationals took part in the survey, from over 100 different nationalities. This year we hope to reach more than 30 000 contacts through a wide network of 150 partners. That’s why we want you to answer the survey and/or become our partner.

We call those partners “Multipliers”. Multipliers have a close connection to the international community and they are crucial to the success of the project – they can be: Universities, international and business schools; research centers; local and international governments; NGOs and international organizations; foreign chambers of commerce; international companies and startups; international associations; and cultural institutions…

Do you want to become a multiplier? Register here and we will contact you for further information! You can also ANSWER THE SURVEY HERE

Who is behind the survey?

Barcelona Global leads The International Talent Monitor, with close scientific collaboration of Sebastian Reiche, Professor of People Management in Organizations at IESE. We are also grateful for the financial support given by Banc Sabadell.

Barcelona Global is an influential private, independent and non-profit association composed of 242 of the city’s leading companies, research centres, entrepreneurs, universities and business schools, international organizations and cultural institutions, and more than 930 professionals aiming to make Barcelona one of the world’s best cities for talent and economic activity.

Links to previous International Talent Monitor studies:

For news about the city and the people, international and local, who bring it to life, sign up today to the Barcelona Global Blog in English.

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