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Lázaro Rosa-Violán: painter, traveler and creator of atmospheres

Lázaro Rosa-Violán: painter, traveler and creator of atmospheres

Lazaro Rosa Violan Barcelona

Lazaro Rosa-Violán describes himself as a painter, traveller, and creator of atmospheres.

He has been painting since he was 8 years old; he became an architect at 20, and then an interior designer at 25. Lázaro Violan opened his studio in Barcelona in 2002 and has continued to grow and create ever since.

He studied fine arts, and his work, based on what he calls "accessible design," has allowed him to forge an impressive career and gain international recognition and media impact at every stage of his professional career.

Raised in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, he finds inspiration in the places he visits, which allows him to combine and mix trends and eras and find subjects for his work. However, his style was forged in Barcelona and draws inspiration from the city's avant-garde and its capacity to reinvent, create and offer new experiences in existing spaces.

His work encompasses all manner of styles. In fact, his latest projects includes spaces as different as the Street XO restaurant in London, El Nacional in Barcelona, the Cotton House hotel in Madrid, numerous stores belonging to the Inditex group, and the VIP area of the San Mamés stadium.

From Barcelona to the world

In order to construct his creative universe, he has had to be a pioneer in his sector and in his day-to-day work. In both Barcelona and New York, where his studies are located, Lazaro captivates the attention of the public with his eccentric but delicate style. His use of bottles and lamps is a signature style which rapidly identifies "Lazarus."

With more than 200 projects worldwide, Lázaro Rosa Violán has been recognized for his work on numerous occasions. In 2017, he was awarded the Fuera de Serie award for interior design, and in 2018, he was chosen as best interior designer of the year at the gala of the 4th Premios Interiores. His Only You Boutique Hotel and the Ibérica Victoria restaurant won international awards for Best Boutique Hotel in the World in the Design Category in 2015 and the "Restaurants and Bars - London" award in 2016, respectively.

His meteoric career has helped to put Barcelona on the map as a pioneering city for art, design, and interior design, while his distinctive and innovative work is evidence of his talent and style.  y rompedoras con el diseño, el arte y el interiorismo, a la vez que lo hace el propio artista. Su talento y su estilo son una prueba más de su trabajo diferenciador e innovador.

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