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Rosendo Garganta: «Barcelona has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem»

Rosendo Garganta: «Barcelona has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem»

Rosendo Garganta, CEO and founder of Devicare.

Rosendo Garganta, 35 years old, married with a daughter. Born in Cuba, he lived in La Havana before moving to Barcelona, the hometown of his grandfather, 25 years ago. Rosendo, who highlights the enormous potential of Barcelona, especially in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, is the CEO and founder of Devicare, a company dedicated to the development of innovative medical treatments in urology and which sells in more than 50 countries.

He stresses that "industry, exports and tourism will be essential for growth in the coming years", and asserts that "public-private collaboration should be further strengthened", as a dynamic business ecosystem that plays its part in public life could turn Barcelona into a world leader in attracting talent, money and new projects”.

Read the full interview in El Periódico.

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