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mesoestetic, innovation in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine from Barcelona

mesoestetic, innovation in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine from Barcelona

Xavier Font, head of the mesoestetic® legal department and member of the operations team.


What does mesoestetic® do?

Present in over 200 countries, Mesoestetic® specializes in making cosmetics and aesthetic medicines. At our head office in Viladecans we have a team of more than 200 people who design, produce, and market treatments whose proven effectiveness results from years of research.

Our portfolio consists of more than 300 products and includes a comprehensive range of skin care. We specialize in anti-aging, anti-acne, sun protection, body remodeling, and gyneco-aesthetics as well as depigmenting treatments, in which we are worldwide benchmarks.

When was the company founded and when did you start working in this company?

mesoestetic® was founded in 1985 by my father, Joan Carles Font. It was started in the backroom of his pharmacy on Gran Vía in Barcelona, where he made his own specific skin treatments. Right from the beginning, mesoestetic® was involved in research and development, working with hospitals, universities and renowned pioneering specialists in the sector.

What do you like most about your job?

Being part of such a large and professional family company and working with people who share the company’s values: passion, innovation and excellence. It is a matter of personal and professional pride to see the company grow every day and to know that we are offering our customers cutting-edge products whose results are proven to be exceptionally effective.

And what do you like least?

As in any company, being part of the operations team sometimes means having to make decisions that are unwelcome in the short-term but are necessary for the long-term growth and stability of the company.

What do you think your company excels at?

I would like to highlight two aspects: First of all, innovation, which is our raison d'être. Every year we reinvest at least 40% of our profits in R+D+I in order to launch new lines of research. This helps us to generate our own scientific knowledge, undertake new projects, and continue improving our formulas and production processes.

What also makes us stand out is the fact that we produce our treatments 'in house'. This is essential for guaranteeing the effectiveness, quality, and safety of all our treatments, as it allows us to coordinate and take care of each step in the value chain.

What is your main challenge?

Without a shadow of a doubt, to remain at the forefront in our field so that medical and aesthetic professionals from all over the world continue to rely on mesoestetic® to treat their patients and clients and so contribute to improving their quality of life.

Where is your business located? Do you know why this location was chosen?

mesoestetic® has been in the Viladecans business park since 2011. Viladecans is committed to generating employment and its business park is very well connected with Barcelona. In addition, we all share a vision of business in which innovation is key.

What do you like most about the neighborhood where you work?

Viladecans Business Park is constantly improving. Companies in the park include Unilever, which moved its offices in 2011, Desigual, which inaugurated a new logistics center in 2015, and Vueling, which “landed” in 2022.

How important is Barcelona for your company?

mesoestetic® was founded in Barcelona and most of our staff lives here. We have very close links with the city and we support social and cultural initiatives that help to conserve, promote, and improve the city. We have an international presence and we always try to act as ambassadors for this great city and to promote the Barcelona brand around the world.

With which city would you compare Barcelona?

It could be compared to Milan, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, even Tel-Aviv. They are cities that are open, innovative, cosmopolitan, and are home to plenty of artistic and business talent and architectural beauty. They also provide a good quality of life to their citizens, who are made to feel they belong.

What form of urban model should Barcelona adopt?

We must look at cities whose policies help to improve their competitiveness. This means encouraging innovation and talent to generate knowledge, culture, and sustainability, so that citizens enjoy a good quality of life and greater economic growth in the long term. London, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Boston, etc.

What best practices from other cities would you like Barcelona to adopt?

The practices employed by cities who generate the most scientific progress. The most important strategies are public-private investment in the generation of knowledge, the development of human talent, and research and application of science and technology in order to address the problems facing society. These cities do this by implementing fiscal stimulus programs for companies with R&D activities (in collaboration with universities and research centers) and putting in place measures to attract business.

The positive dynamics that Madrid is generating are also encouraging. The city is strongly committed to culture, quality leisure facilities, and security for both inhabitants and visitors. They also have favorable fiscal conditions that make it possible to attract both talent and large international corporate headquarters. All this together helps to energize a city.

What do you ask of the Barcelona of the future?

Good relationships between the public and the private sectors, a sustainable metropolitan model in which everyone can play their part, and self-critical, transparent and forward-looking city management.

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