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Oak House School, education with a global focus

Oak House School, education with a global focus

Amanda Hughes, Headteacher of Oak House School

What is Oak House School?

Oak House School (OHS) is a private co-educational day school with students aged 3-18 years old. OHS is a British school from Nursery - Year 7 and then we move into the national curriculum for ESO. However, the students also take the iGCSE exams which are the compulsory exams in the UK at the end of ESO 4. At Post-16 the students can either take the Bachillerato or the IB Diploma Program in English

When was it founded? When did you start working in the company?

The school was founded in 1968 by a group of families who wanted their children to learn in an international setting and to become fluent in other languages. In 1989 the school became a charitable foundation and since then has been guided by this altruistic ethos. I have been working at OHS since September 2022.

What do you like most about your job?

Working alongside our students, staff, and families. It never ceases to amaze me how our students become multilingual and think that everyone speaks 3 or 4 languages. It’s not until they go to university that they realize how amazing they are. Our school team is constantly focused on learning and getting better over time, and this has such a positive impact on pupil progress.
Another wonderful element of our school is that the families are very involved in the learning process and support the school on a huge range of events.

And what do you like least?

It is always hard to see members of a community suffer either emotionally or socially and, post-pandemic, all schools are seeing more students with specific needs. In response to this we have created very strong student support and inclusion and wellbeing teams to help students, families and staff who face these challenges.

What do you think your entity stands out for?

OHS is “the school of futures” and this is created by our unique offer.
It is always difficult to define what makes a school special because it is a “feeling” that flows across the community. We say that our community should be safe, happy, and learning and this is what guides our work.

What is your main challenge?

We have a happy challenge in the school is full and want to maintain this, whilst constantly working to develop learning opportunities at every age and all our school services and provision.

Where is your entity located?


¿Sabes por qué se eligió esta ubicación?

There are several schools based in this education zone, so historically it would have been a suitable location with a large campus, beautiful views over the whole of Barcelona and great transport connections as well.

What do you like the most about the neighborhood where you work?

Our school is almost a “village school” as many of our students come from the local area and we are neighbors.

How important is Barcelona for your company?

Barcelona is the heart of our community because the school is creating the future citizens and leaders of Barcelona. It is very important that we remember this in our work.

With which city would you compare Barcelona?

Barcelona has an incredible economy that combines all levels of industry alongside creative and technology hubs. To compare Barcelona with other cities does not do justice to the unique environment that we enjoy living here.

What do you ask of the Barcelona of the future?

Creativity! Let it be a city that inspires people to feel, think, and act.

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