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Barcelona startup Sporttips is the leading marketplace in services for sportspeople

Barcelona startup Sporttips is the leading marketplace in services for sportspeople

Carlos Homedes, Co-founder of Sporttips.

What is Sporttips?

Sporttips is a marketplace that connects the sports community with the best specialists. Its objective is to advise and support athletes in their search for improvement in all areas. It does this by providing access to professionals that have been endorsed by other sportspeople.

When was Fundació Úniques founded and when did you start working here?

We founded the company in January 2021. The initial idea came from my partner Marcos Garzo, a former colleague at Nike, and we developed the concept based on our personal, sports, and business experience as managers at Nike for over 25 years.

What do you like most about your work?

Sporttips originated in our passion for sport. It gives us the chance to give back to sport what it has given us on a personal and professional level. Our own experience in amateur professional sport has motivated us to create a new and better way to help sportspeople, whatever their level, age and abilities. This makes the project very rewarding on a personal level.

And what do you like least?

Our business model is that of a startup, and investors tend to be focused on transactions and profit, where we see the business much more in the long term.

What do you think your company excels at?

We are sportspeople who help sportspeople, and that means that our teams of experts and our collaborators are well-trusted. We guarantee quality and trustworthy services.

What is your main challenge?

In a still atomized market, there is little appreciation of the benefits of good sports advice, a certain distrust of digital tools, and a preference for word of mouth. To give an example, according to the latest Runnometro 2021 report, “seven out of ten runners train without professional supervision and 80% suffer injuries.” The vast majority of amateur runners continue to take part in races without undergoing medical stress tests, which are essential for any sportsperson.

Where is your company located? Why did you choose this location?

The company was designed to reach an international market from the outset, with an approach to work that was as flexible as possible. At the same time, we wanted the company to be associated with Barcelona because of our own personal and professional connection with Barcelona, the city’s considerable potential to attract talent, and its name for sport, health, and technology. We currently offer “hybrid” working in offices in the center of Barcelona.

How important is Barcelona for your company?

We believe that Barcelona continues to be a benchmark for quality of life. There also seem to be an increasing number of startups and initiatives. All of this reinforces our trust in the city’ potential.

What model of city do you think Barcelona should be like?

It could take inspiration from San Francisco, as it has many things in common: its climate and location between the sea and the mountains, as well as leading universities, a cosmopolitan environment, and the burgeoning start-up ecosystem.

What best practices from other cities would you like Barcelona to adopt??

I would like to see English introduced from a much earlier age, not only in schools, but also in films and in general communication. I would also encourage university sports, which develop positive values and a healthy lifestyle.

What would you ask of the Barcelona of the future?

I’d like the city to continue with the public-private partnership initiatives fomented by Barcelona Global, by stimulating new businesses, generating profits, and attracting talent. Personally, I would like to see public administrations develop a more outward-looking, business-focused approach that sees the world as its market.

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