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Objetivo Barcelona: The challenges of affordable housing

Objetivo Barcelona: The challenges of affordable housing

It is crucial to have one’s own space in the era of teleworking prompted by the Covid crisis. The difficulty of finding affordable housing accentuates inequalities in cities, leaving part of the population with no access to a decent home.

This is a local challenge, but one that has a wider impact.

If cities like Barcelona cannot provide affordable housing to all its citizens, how will it offer housing to those who would like to come to live and work here? These challenges cannot be resolved without strong public-private partnerships and a perspective that treats the Greater Barcelona metropolitan area as a whole.

Find out what Barcelona can do to solve the challenge of housing from:

  • Judit Carrera, CEO of CCCB
  • Anna Gener, CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona
  • Greg Clark, Global Advisor at Future Cities & New Industries
  • Carme Trilla, chairperson of Fundació Habitat3
  • Joan Baltà, CEO of Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat
  • Vicente Guallart, architect and founder of Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)
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