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Barcelona 2050: Urgent challenges for a sustainable future

Barcelona 2050: Urgent challenges for a sustainable future

What are the challenges for the development of the city in an environment of digital society and climate emergency?

The metropolitan dimension, the ability to attract talent and promote entrepreneurship and innovation, the complex problem of housing, the necessary sustainability or the inescapable challenge of inclusion ... The future of Barcelona is under debate and these are the main axes to develop in order to create a promising city project.

The documentary 'Barcelona 2050: Urgent Challenges for a Sustainable Future', an initiative of Barcelona Global produced by Mediapro Studio and directed by Joan Úbeda, aims to highlight the development opportunities of the city through urban projects. The film brings together the voices of thirty professionals and key players in Barcelona.

The main challenges that the city faces are:

  • The importance of creating, attracting and retaining talent to create quality employment, attract investment and develop economic activity.
  • The development of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • The need for a metropolitan government.
  • The challenge of access to affordable housing
  • Connectivity with the world.
  • Mobility.
  • Climate change and water availability.
  • Great metropolitan opportunities such as the development of La Sagrera, the Besos area, the Bon Pastor, the Three Chimneys, the Zona Franca or the two Vallès, as well as the development of projects for the center of Barcelona.
  • Digitization and the challenges it brings.
  • The need for an inclusive city.
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