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5 ways in which expat opinions changed life in Barcelona

5 ways in which expat opinions changed life in Barcelona

Carine Lebecque

International Talent Monitor Director

  1. Adjust taxes to be attractive for talent 
  2. More affordable international school
  3. Better connections with locals
  4. Innovative metropolitan housing policy
  5. English website with admin process info

These are just a few positive changes – see details lower – that came about after internationals in the city voiced their needs and frustrations in the 2019 International Talent Monitor – an extensive biennial survey by Barcelona Global and Banc Sabadell.

The 2021 International Talent Monitor (ITM) wants to reach even more people to bring about more positive change in the city – and we need your help: 


Complete the online survey before 30th May.

Share the survey with your international friends in the city. Be part of the change!  

What is International Talent Monitor and why is it important? 

ITM, now in its 5th edition, is an important initiative which enables the non-profit organization to lobby for change to make Barcelona more attractive and competitive. It is the only survey of its kind in Barcelona gathering the opinions of internationals to help launch concrete initiatives to boost integration.

What projects resulted from the 2019 ITM survey?

1. Adjust taxes for talent and entrepreneurs

Taxation is a real barrier to attracting talent and entrepreneurs compared to other countries. 

The solution: 

Barcelona Global created a team with partners from 13 leading law firms to formulate a set of amendment proposals for the city to be more competitive in these areas. We are in talks with ministries and political parties to promote its implementation.

2. More affordable international schools

One of the main barriers to attracting international talent is the lack of schools with affordable fees and in easily accessible locations from the places where internationals live or work.

The solution: 

We have carried out an in-depth study into feasibility of an international school meeting the needs of internationals and are leading the process of evaluating the viability of a non-profit schooling project. We are looking for a suitable location, whereafter we will start the process of creating a school with an experienced educational partner.

3. Better connections with locals

Internationals find it difficult to integrate with locals in the city. 

The solution: 

We created the Hola Barcelona! Program to help integrate internationals through a series of social events, including our annual Hola Barcelona! Cocktail for 1500 people at the Palauet Albeniz, as well as private dinners and events connecting Barcelonians-by-choice with locals.

4. An innovative metropolitan housing policy

A lack of affordable housing options. 

The solution: 

We have brought together more than 50 experts (architects, urban planners, tax experts, developers, building companies, investors, financial institutions and technology companies) to promote new measures to resolve the lack of affordable housing in the medium term. Metropolitan management, rented social housing and affordable rented accommodation with a controlled price have been identified as potential solutions.

5. An English website for administrative processes

Internationals struggle with administrative processes when first arriving.

The solution: 

Barcelona Global proposed and lobbied for a web page in English with all the information about administrative procedures in one place. It resulted in the implementation of the International Welcome site by Barcelona City Council.

Read more about the findings of the 2019 ITM

How can you get involved?


COMPLETE the survey!  

The survey is available online until 30th of May. Please forward it to your International friends and colleagues in Barcelona. 

Contact us if you’d like to receive the results of the survey or for more info about Barcelona Global.

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