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The need to attract and consolidate international talent

The need to attract and consolidate international talent

Hola Barcelona! Cocktail 2022 Photo: Barcelona Global

Digital talent has long been in demand in all kinds of sectors. And one of the consequences of the accelerating digital transition brought about by pandemic lockdowns is the commitment to the digital economy and the realization that remote working is here to stay.

In this respect, Barcelona has already managed to position itself as a magnet for global talent . The pandemic has only reinforced Barcelona's potential as an attractive city for those who can choose where to work, invest, create, teach, research, and start businesses. This is thanks to the city’s connectivity, health system, quality of life, natural setting, sports and cultural opportunities, and many other features.

According to the Digital Talent Overviewcompiled by the MWC Barcelona Foundation, the Catalan Government Department of Digital Policies and the Technological Circle of Catalonia, Barcelona has beaten its own records in attracting international talent, creating more than 4,500 new digital opportunities in 2021, more than double the previous year. There is an urgent need for investment in talent, which will continue to bring positive results in the city. Barcelona’s future is based on how much it can do to attract talent.

Photo: fauxels (Pexels)

El International Talent Monitor, organized by Barcelona Global and with the collaboration of Banc Sabadell, seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of international professionals living and working in Barcelona. This year’s report, the 5th, has identified that the greatest opportunities for Barcelona are provided by the startup ecosystem, computer and software technology, health, research, the biotechnology sector, education, and sustainable quality tourism. This indicates Barcelona’s way forward.

However, both Barcelonians by choice and Barcelonans by birth share the same aspirations: We all want an attractive, well-connected city that offers high quality of life, health services to be proud of, interesting cultural and sports opportunities, more intelligent taxation, and less red tape.

There is an urgent need for tax breaks to attract investors, professionals and entrepreneurs, while bureaucracy needs to be as agile as it is for those who already live here.

Welcome to international talent

The Hola Barcelona! cocktail party is one of the many events that Barcelona Global carries out to make international residents feel at home. This essential networking event for international professionals who have decided to live and work in Barcelona will be held for the 9th time on September 15 at the Palauet Albéniz.

Hola Barcelona! Cocktail 2019 Photo: Barcelona Global

The event is just the first of many organized to help attract and retain talent. The International Talent Monitor, revealed that a series of issues have been raised that must be addressed to attract and retain talent. These include amendments to the draft law on startups, whose aim is to extend tax measures aimed at impatriates to investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Likewise, work is also being done on wealth tax, an insurmountable barrier for all those from outside Barcelona who may wish to live here.

The pandemic has produced a one-off situation that we must take advantage of, and that is only possible if we have the best possible talent. And to ensure that we do, we must retain, cultivate, and attract the talent we need.

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