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Five ways to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas in Barcelona

Five ways to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas in Barcelona

Though Christmas is always a perfect time to be with family and enjoy the city, this year we will be able to do some of the things that Covid has made impossible for the last two years. We do need to take care as we enjoy Christmas in the city, but we should also take delight in the Christmas spirit that brings us all together. Here are our suggestions:


  1. . Visit a Christmas market: The perfect way to enjoy Christmas with family and friends. The Santa Lucia Marketis a 235-year-old Christmas market whose stalls offer a range of crafts, food, Christmas decorations, and much more. This ancient fair, which was held for the first time in 1786, offers a wide selection of products for nativity scenes and Christmas traditions.



Located in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, the Santa Lucia market has a total of 170 stalls. For the first time this year there will be more than 20 illuminated Christmas tree to celebrate its 235th anniversary. The market will be held from November 26 to December 23 and will be entirely safe provided one takes the necessary precautions.

If this market is not enough, we encourage you to add a cultural 'Il to the festive season at the Sagrada Familia Christmas fair, which was started when there was no more room at the Santa Lucia market.

The Sagrada Família Christmas fair has been held in front of the Sagrada Familia since the 1960s and features over a hundred stalls selling nativity figures, Christmas trees and plants, ornaments, and gifts. Of course there are places to get churros and hot chocolate or roasted chestnuts as well, along with workshops and family activities available free of charge that fill the neighbourhood with Christmas spirit.


  1. Enjoy the Christmas decorations: Barcelona is full of different places in which to enjoy typical Christmas decorations. A few examples are found below:
  • Stroll around the streets of Barcelona: Since November 24 this year, the streets of Barcelona have been illuminated with new Christmas decorations. Plaza Catalunya, Calle Aragó and Gran Via all have new designs from the Antoni Arola studio, whose work represents progress, creativity and sustainability.



Plaza de Catalunya is illuminated by a crown of light that symbolises the energy radiating from the city center; Aragó shines with a constellation of stars; and on Gran Via, the former display of typical Christmas phrases has been replaced with an array of lamp shapes symbolizing the comfort of home.


  • Visit Sant Pau: which will also be putting on its best clothes to bring out the Christmas spirit. Els llums de Sant Pau.



This is why from November 22 to January 9, there will be a magical itinerary at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. A pleasant evening awaits you in the circular route around the modernista enclosure. Millions of lights create a bright fairy-tale landscape. Simulating a magical ocean, there are displays of Christmas lights, impressive illuminated plants, and fantasy figures made of light.


  • Visit the Pedralbes Gardens: Much like Sant Pau, the Pedralbes gardens will be illuminated every night with a million LED lights to provide a magical experience in a natural setting.



Open until January 9, "Nature on fire" is not only a Christmas show; it is also a criticism of environmental degradation such as air pollution and plastic and fire in the oceans, raising visitors’ awareness that these threats still exist at Christmas time.


  1. Visiting monuments and characteristic parts of the city
  • One of the places you should definitely visit this Christmas is the Port Vell. Started 3 years ago, this unmissable show aims to do its bit to bring about the social, cultural and economic revival of the city. Thanks to Navidad a Buen Puerto more than 85,000 LED lights will turn the Moll de la Fusta into a promenade of light and culture.


Activities that should not be missed include a visit to the Christmas bauble, donations to the food bank in the solidarity container, and a ride on the giant Ferris wheel. The Port Vell Christmas fair will be open until January 5. Make sure not to miss this unusual take on Christmas.


  • Poble Espanyol, a real-life Advent Calendar: this year, Poble Espanyol is reinventing itself with a creative approach to the festive season that will surprise and delight visitors. Until January 5, the village will become a giant advent calendar, with 24 themed locations relating to typical Christmas figures, traditions and scenes. Bring your Christmas letters with you to give to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men.



  1. Go to a Christmas concert A must at this time of year is a Christmas show in one of the characteristic city theaters. The Liceu, the Palau de la Música by Barcelona Global, make a real impact on the community, business, and day-to-day life of the Auditori are all offering traditional Christmas and New Year's shows such as The Nutcracker and Dickens' Christmas Carol.



This is a great time to enjoy music in one of the city’s great theaters.


If you are not convinced by any of these suggestions, here is one more. Barcelona is not the only place filled with Christmas magic this year, and since school is out, we suggest a place that the kids will really love:


  1. Christmas at Port Aventura World: Catalonia’s famous theme park will be coloured white, red and green to lend it a festive Christmas atmosphere, while the rides will provide the expected adrenaline rush and taste of adventure. PortAventura World will be filled with lights, decorations, garlands, giant fir trees and sparkling snowflakes, along with shows for all ages, including Christmas World, the Enchanted Forest, Woody’s Christmas and Bubble Magic Christmas.


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