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BNEW, 10 disciplines and one goal: to position Barcelona as the capital of the new economy.

BNEW, 10 disciplines and one goal: to position Barcelona as the capital of the new economy.

The second Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW), a B2B event promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) and available online and in-person, is to be held from October 5 to 8. Its aim is to boost economic recovery and position Barcelona as the capital of the new economy.

More than 12,000 companies, visitors from 145 countries, and 800 inspirational speakers will gather to address challenges during 200 activities that revolve around 10 key topics: Logistics, Real Estate, E-commerce, Digital Industry, Economic Zones, Sustainability, Mobility, Science, Talent and City.

Moreover, the event allows those participating to follow all the sessions online or in person at seven iconic Barcelona locations: Casa SEAT, the former Estrella Damm Factory, the Boquería, Estació de França, Roca Barcelona Gallery, and Movistar Center.

Barcelona, in the spotlight of the new economy

Despite being held at a difficult time for public events, the first BNEW established itself as one of the most important events of this calibre and was followed in 111 countries.

This year the aim is to consolidate this success further by providing Barcelona with an innovative ecosystem that will ensure the event is viewed by a worldwide audience. It will also boost Barcelona’s reputation as a benchmark for technology. The event this year includes 5 more disciplines than last year. Mobility, Sustainability, Talent, Science and City will be added to the five discussed in 2020 (Logistics, Digital Industry, Ecommerce, Economic Zones and Real Estate).

One of BNEW’s main objectives is to position Barcelona as a global benchmark for the 4.0 economy. Therefore, it has opted to expand the variety of content, themes and nationalities of the participants, with a major emphasis on start-ups, as they represent the talent and the future of the city.

Much more than networking enable

While it is true that BNEW is the first major professional, multi-sector, hybrid forum capable of bringing together thousands of companies dedicated to reviving the economy, it is also a way to develop an idea of the digital future, understand different business opportunities, and merge disciplines that one might never have thought were essential for the future.

These are the 10 topics that will be discussed:

  1. E-commerce: The pandemic has undoubtedly led to an explosion in e-commerce, which is why we will be discussing digitization, ways of improving UX, the rise of digital “marketplaces”, and payment with cryptocurrencies.
  2. Digital Industry: This year has also shown us that digitalization is everywhere. In fact, we have seen how traditional sectors such as health have also joined the digital revolution.
  3. Talent: Attraction and retention. The key to the economic evolution of any city or country. From the education system to bureaucracy.
  4. Sustainability: Cities must reinvent themselves and adapt to the climate emergency. How? BNEW will focus on debates related to sustainable development.
  5. Mobility: Electric, electric and electric.
  6. Science: Undoubtedly a key element of a new economy that depends on innovation, investment and commitment.
  7. Real estate: investment, market trends, impact of offices due to teleworking, etc.
  8. Logistics: How sustainability will directly affect this sector, consumption patterns, the last mile, etc.
  9. Economic Zones: the role of these strategic regions in economic recovery and global trade.
  10. City: the clear objective of this event: to show all attendees the culture, gastronomy, art and design of Barcelona while putting Barcelona at the center of national and international debates.

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