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Barcelona, tech teleworking capital, by Jep Esteve

Barcelona, tech teleworking capital, by Jep Esteve

Jep Esteve

Ecommerce Manager at Facebook, San Francisco. Global business leader in Ecommerce at Facebook App. Gregarious Seeds Co-founder

“San Francisco took a very cautious approach to the pandemic and citizens behaved very responsibly” says Jep Esteve, Director of Ecommerce at Facebook in San Francisco.

He points out that Barcelona, like many other European cities, “went through several different phases,” but people’s readiness to get vaccinated demonstrated that Barcelona has a "a responsible society that is eager to get moving again.”

Esteve stresses that (part- or full-time) teleworking is booming in the tech world and this is an opportunity for Barcelona. “Things are changing and a city like Barcelona, with so much to offer, has the opportunity to take full advantage of the phenomenon and become a talent and innovation hub for Europe,” he concludes.

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