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Marko Daniel: "Culture must drive recovery"

Marko Daniel: "Culture must drive recovery"

Marko Daniel, Director at Fundació Miró.


After having lived in Taipei, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Marko Daniel, who was born in Germany, settled in Barcelona in 2018 to direct the Fundació Joan Miró, "Culture must enable the economy to recover and help citizens to recover their well-being," says Marko, who regrets that often "we don't realize the wealth of culture we have in this great city and we don't take enough advantage of it".

He highlights the size of the city and the diversity of its cultural attractions. "Both aspects make it an attractive city to live and work in, as well for visiting," he says. He hopes that the future Barcelona will be "a city that is more sustainable in every sense of the word and more convenient to live and work in; a city that enjoys great cultural and social dynamism that appeals to all ages and is both attractive to visitors and a source of pride for the people of Barcelona".

Read the full interview in El Periódico.


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