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What is the ITM and why should you care?

What is the ITM and why should you care?

Carine Lebecque

International Talent Monitor Director

Living and working in Barcelona? Want to feel more at home in Barcelona? Want to face less bureaucracy? Want everyday life to be easier?

If you live and work in Barcelona and you hail from elsewhere in the world, the International Talent Monitor (ITM) applies to you and could make a big difference to your life!

Am I ‘international talent’?  

Yes! International talent refers to skilled immigrants with international experience, expertise and connections who generate benefit for the local society, businesses and industries. 

It’s not about competence! It’s your reason for moving to the country that counts: Entrepreneurs, business leaders, digital nomads, foreign students, researchers, investors, employees of international companies, artists and athletes are examples of international talent. 

You see the world from a global perspective and bring new and rich experiences. 

So, what is ITM? 

The ITM is a biennial survey to probe the needs and perceptions of international professionals living and working in Barcelona to make you feel at home in the city.

This year’s ITM is our 5th Anniversary Edition and we’d LOVE to mobilize the international community!  

Complete the 2021 ITM Survey – HAVE YOUR SAY! 

The ITM has 2 parts: 

  1. An online survey (15-20 minutes – to collect quantitative feedback.

 We’d love you to complete this – link above – and share it with your international friends. 

This will and a better idea of your thoughts on:

    • Barcelona as a global city
    • Life in Barcelona
    • Work and business 
    • Financial Times
    • Integration

It also allows us to check in with you to see what changes you’d like to see post-COVID.

  1. 8 focus groups – to collect qualitative data.

These allow a deeper discussion of certain topics and focus the city’s attention on your opinion about:

  • The healthcare system and city services
  • Lifestyle: culture, gastronomy, sports
  • Infrastructure, housing and mobility in the city
  • Education system – schools and universities
  • Research environment and capabilities
  • Work opportunities
  • Investment, business and tax environment
  • Partners’ integration

What do we hope to achieve with the ITM?

To better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the city from your point of view. 

Does the survey actually make a difference?

Yes, absolutely!  The results of the study are vital to shape the future of Barcelona as a global city. 

As a result of former ITM surveys, Barcelona Global could successfully push for the implementation of several projects, including: 

  • A single point of access for international professionals landing in Barcelona
  • Tax improvements for internationals and companies.
  • A Study to support the creation of an affordable international school.
  • Improvement of the metropolitan housing policy.

MORE INFO about ITM survey successes in our next blog post 

SIGN UP now, so you don’t miss out. 

How can I get involved?

Give us about 15 minutes of your time to answer the ITM survey this year.

If you work for or have connections to the international community, also please forward the survey to colleagues and friends!



How many people take part in ITM?

Since 2013 more than 2000 internationals took part in the survey, from over 100 different nationalities.

This year we hope to reach more than 30 000 contacts through a wide network of 150 partners (also known as multipliers). 

Multipliers are key stakeholders in the city who have a close connection to the international community and they are crucial to the success of the project – they include: 

  • International and business schools
  • International associations
  • Local and international governments
  • Research centers
  • Foreign chambers of commerce
  • International companies
  • Startups
  • NGOs
  • Cultural institutions


Who is behind the survey?

Barcelona Global’s dedicated team lead the project, which is financed by Banco Sabadell and executed under the supervision of Sebastian Reiche, Professor of People Management in Organizations at IESE. 

Who is Barcelona Global?

Barcelona Global is an influential private, independent and non-profit association composed of 210 of the city’s leading companies, research centers, entrepreneurs, business schools, universities and cultural institutions, and more than 830 professionals aiming to make Barcelona one of the world’s best cities for talent and economic activity.  Find out what it means to be a Barcelona Global member. 

If you want to know the latest English news about Barcelona and the people who bring it to life, sign up to our Blog.

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