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Objetivo Barcelona: City and talent

Objetivo Barcelona: City and talent

Former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg said that talent attracts capital in a more sustainable and long-term manner than vice versa. We at Barcelona Global are convinced that Barcelona has the wherewithal to create, attract, and retain creative, entrepreneurial, scientific, investment and other professional talent, as well as companies looking for a place to establish themselves. But we need to guarantee first-class opportunities for both citizens and for the talent we want to attract and to ensure that Barcelona remains high in the rankings of favorite places in which to live and work.

Planning for the future means planning for the entire Greater Barcelona metropolitan area. Job opportunities must be spread throughout the territory; the area must be affordable in terms of housing, transportation and services, and it must be well connected both locally and internationally.

Learn more about how we can be an attractive destination for talent from:

  • Mar Alarcón, founder and CEO of Social Car
  • Greg Clark, Global Advisor at Future Cities & New Industries
  • Anna Gener, CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona
  • Ramon Gras, researcher into urban innovation at Harvard University-Aretian
  • Mateu Hernández, CEO of Barcelona Global
  • Carme Trilla, chairperson of Fundació Habitat3
  • Andreu Ulied, MCRIT managing partner and author of ‘Barcelona pròxima’
  • Aleix Valls, mathematician and engineer. Digital transformation expert at LiquiD
  • Rafael Vilasanjuan, Policy and Global Development Director at ISGlobal


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