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An opportunity for Barcelona, by Anna Esteban

An opportunity for Barcelona, by Anna Esteban

Anna Esteban Muela

Head of Business Development Central Europe at CBRE Amsterdam

Anna Esteban, head of business development for Europe at CBRE, explains in her article in La Vanguardia como Ámsterdamhow Amsterdam, the city where she lives, has been able to implement "clear and consistent" measures to manage the pandemic. The political debate around the appropriateness of the measures is much less, assuming that they largely have the backing of the scientific community.

She also highlights the great opportunity offered to cities like Barcelona by the paradigm shift in the new economy’s approach to work and distribution. "For Barcelona this could mean really taking the initiative and consolidating its position as one of the most attractive cities for innovation and talent in southern Europe", she asserts. She also points out that long-term vision, public-private collaboration, and the backing of a committee of experts with cross-disciplinary knowledge and international vision are essential for achieving this.

Read the full interview in La Vanguardia.

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