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Digital Health: healthcare now and in the future, by Pau Mota

Digital Health: healthcare now and in the future, by Pau Mota

Photography: Neil Bates (Pexels)
Pau Mota

Medical Department Senior Manager at International Olympic Committee

In a world in which healthcare costs are soaring and life expectancy exceeds 80 years in many OECD countries, digital health is a great way of treating and monitoring patients; it can also make healthcare systems more economical, convenient, and less invasive. “With the backing of the administration, academia, and pharmaceutical companies, Switzerland is an excellent place in which to develop innovation in healthcare," notes Pau Mota. Initiatives such as TechTour Health Summit and Swiss Digital Health aim to bring together people and organizations from academia, ICT, and healthcare to develop new ways of improving healthcare services. “Switzerland has the potential to become a world leader in digital health,” he adds.

Barcelona ya es líder en investigación biomédica y en digitalización”, destaca Pau Mota. De hecho, Barcelona es la quinta entre las ciudades europeas en inversión en digital health según datos de Biocat. Iniciativas tan valiosas como el Barcelona Health Hub facilitan sinergias entre la investigación biomédica, Start ups, la industria farmacéutica y la atención sanitaria. Por eso, Barcelona tiene una buena posición de partida y también puede ser un referente en salud digital. “Con las sinergias y la financiación adecuadas, Barcelona puede ser un referente europeo en salud digital y contribuir a mejorar la soberanía tecnológica y sanitaria de la población”, añade Pau Mota.

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