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Towards a better future, by Angela Wang

Towards a better future, by Angela Wang

Angela Wang

Lawyer (cross-border M&A and PE) at Cuatrecasas

Angela Wang, a lawyer specializing in cross-border mergers & acquisitions and private equity at Cuatrecasas, explains in La Vanguardia that Barcelona must step up the pace of vaccinations and increase the number of random PCRs if it wants to improve the management of Covid, "not only to convey peace of mind to its citizens but also to maintain its appeal as a place to live and start a business."

She refers to the emirate of Dubai, where she lives, where "the government adopted a strategy from the outset based on free mass PCRs, strong entry and exit controls, and extensive tracing, all of which helped the emirate to break the chain of infection very effectively."

Read the full interview in La Vanguardia.

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