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The social value of technology, by Carolina Hormechea

The social value of technology, by Carolina Hormechea

Photography: Santiago Boada (Pexels)
Carolina Hormechea

Lawyer with a Master's degree in Public and Social Policies. She works as a consultant on the digital transformation of the public sector.

Technology may often be rejected or criticized at first, but later its benefits and value frequently become clear.

In Colombia, for example, 44,119 children were adopted between 1999 and 2019. Poor information and delays, however, resulted in 50% of the families not completing the procedure. For this reason, the so-called ADA adoption assistant was created to simplify and streamline the process, reducing administrative procedures from 24 to 9 months, explains Carolina.

‘Technology must always be used to facilitate people’s well-being’, adds Carolina. Barcelona is already an international benchmark in smart city management, but as people’s needs evolve, it is important to continue digitalization in order to improve people's quality of life, security and equity. ‘Procedures must be agile and efficient, but it should never be forgotten that their purpose is to serve society’, says Carolina.

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