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"Let's make it easier for scientists to come to Barcelona", by Jaume Vives

"Let's make it easier for scientists to come to Barcelona", by Jaume Vives

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Jaume Vives

PhD student in Economics and Statistics at MIT. Experience as Data Scientist at Google and Quantico.

Boston and Cambridge are home to some of the world's leading research centres. These centres have remained pioneers over time, thanks to their great potential for attracting talent. "In the case of Boston, this has been achieved thanks to collaboration between academic centres and the private sector, and a willingness on the part of the government to attract scientific conferences and facilitate the immigration of scientists," says Vives.

Barcelona is very well positioned to become an international research hub. Apart from having good universities and research centres, it is a city where people want to come to live, but also to attend congresses and conferences. At the same time, foreign researchers who move to Barcelona to live complain about the bureaucratic obstacles they encounter. "If we want to concentrate talent in Barcelona, we must reduce these barriers and make it easier for international scientists to settle in Barcelona and come to their conferences," concludes Vives.

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