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Putting people first, by Xavier Herce.

Putting people first, by Xavier Herce.

Xavier Herce
Xavier Herce

consultant and Founder of London, UK.

Xavier Herce, consultant and founder of, he praises London's "change of narrative," whose aim is to put people first and "provide them with the necessary tools and support to counter the mental, physical, financial, and emotional impact of the pandemic.” He stresses the similarities of London and Barcelona, which previously “attracted talent, employees, and an extraordinary number of tourists” and are now “equally empty, and for the first time, losing residents.”

Nevertheless he says talented young technology professionals are now looking for cities to live in and Barcelona is one of them.

He highlights the tremendous opportunities for transforming cities in sectors such as transportation (e.g. developing apps to record travel and promote alternative transport) and in real estate (e.g. developing new shared uses of space).

In the long term, he adds, "we need to increase impact investment, putting people and sustainability at the center of our system" and, in doing so, "leverage sustainable solutions especially in emerging economies through resilience, a concept learned in the pandemic".

Read the full interview in La Vanguardia.

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