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«From California to Barcelona», by Pablo Villoslada

«From California to Barcelona», by Pablo Villoslada

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Pablo Villoslada

Head of Neurology at the Hospital del Mar. Previously responsible for developing therapies at Stanford University, Genentech, and at several start-ups.

The U.S. healthcare system excels at innovation. This means that, in line with the American belief that problems are solved with research, a large number of extraordinarily talented people apply new approaches to projects that may be launched, concluded, or reinvented on any one day. “This innovation has an impact on the patient, on prevention systems, and on the management of chronicity,” says Villoslada.

Barcelona faces the challenge of adapting the advantages of the American model to our system. This involves a team culture, a commitment to the institution and public service, and a functional matrix structure. People need to be put first, with responsibilities and objectives shared with the team in order to encourage talent and diversity, concludes Villoslada.

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