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More certainty is essential, by Diana Carol

More certainty is essential, by Diana Carol

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Diana Carol

Head of European co-investments in Europe at BlackRock Capital Markets. Degree in Economics and Law from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

“London still attracts a lot of young Europeans who are ambitious and interested in finance,” says Diana Carol, who is still trying to understand exactly what it is that keeps her in the British capital. “It must be the plethora of opportunities, the meritocracy, and the opportunities for self-improvement that make it a great global biomedical hub place in which to grow professionally,” reflects Carol.

"Barcelona is world-renowned for its culture, gastronomy, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It also has a great climate all year; it’s easy to get around; and its geographical characteristics make it unique,” says the head of co-investments at BlackRock. However, she points out that the city has yet to understand the importance of seizing the opportunity of “first mover advantage” and creating a plan to turn it into a leading European financial capital. “Clear leadership from politicians and civil society and medium and long-term planning are essential. It is also crucial to reduce uncertainty and provide more certainty. It needs to be more business-friendly if it is to attract talent it needs” Carol concludes.

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