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1992: Barcelona desde Wembley, by Javier Vela Toscas

1992: Barcelona desde Wembley, by Javier Vela Toscas

Photograph: Unsplash
Javier Vela Toscas

Associate at Tifosy Capital & Advisory, an investment bank specialising in sports. Previous experience at Credit Suisse. Sant Ignasi and Esade alumni

Despite the accelerated change of Brexit, London continues to be a world financial centre of reference where 'free access to international capital, the global impact of its sporting events and the wide variety of sporting facilities' converge, as Vela explains.

At SportsTech London is an 'attractive ecosystem' where London's institutions are strongly committed to the real impact that sport and technology have on society.

Barcelona, for its part, is not too far from the English capital, as it has 'the competitive advantage of having a sporting offer that is difficult to replicate', explains Vela. He also stresses the need for a great pact between the public and private sectors to embrace major sporting events that generate synergies with the brand and the local economy.

'Let's work so that initiatives such as Espai Barça, the America's Cup Sailing 2024 or the Barcelona Sports Hub contribute to promoting Barcelona as a world capital of sport', concludes Vela.

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