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Partnerships to help overcome the digital divide, by Gabriel Bello

Partnerships to help overcome the digital divide, by Gabriel Bello

Photography: Sergio Souza (Pexels)
Gabriel Bello Barros

Advocate for innovations that make an impact on society. Leader Cisco Networking Academy Brazil.

With approximately 10% of the population unemployed in Brazil, there is an urgent need for jobs for young people. At the same time, the ICT sector risks grinding to a halt if there are not enough people trained to keep up with demand. Given this situation, with the help of several large technology corporations, Sao Paulo has launched several initiatives to train thousands of young people in the coming years.

‘In Barcelona, several multi-sectoral collaboration initiatives to address these challenges have been undertaken with relative success. However, it is still necessary to accelerate and scale up their impact’, Bello adds. One initiative that stands out is the Giga research and development center in the city, whose mission is to connect all schools in the world to the internet This will help Barcelona position itself as a key player in training international talent for the growing technology market.

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