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Increase impact investment, by Carlota Ibáñez

Increase impact investment, by Carlota Ibáñez

Carlota Ibáñez

Global Procurement Manager for the Nestlé World Trade Corporation in Switzerland

Carlota Ibáñez Moreno, where she lives, there was no curfew and infection and mortality rates remained lower than in other European countries. She says that, seen from Switzerland, what was most surprising about the management of the crisis in Barcelona and the rest of Spain "was to see the high infection rates despite the heavy restrictions that had been in place since March." She says that in the short to medium-term "tighter control of the virus is necessary, with a more efficient vaccination program and mass screenings to restore the city's dynamism."

In the long term, he adds, "we need to increase impact investment, putting people and sustainability at the center of our system" and, in doing so, "leverage sustainable solutions especially in emerging economies through resilience, a concept learned in the pandemic".

Read the full interview in La Vanguardia.

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La Vanguardia

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