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Cómo acelerar la transición a los coches eléctricos, por Alejandro Sabal

Cómo acelerar la transición a los coches eléctricos, por Alejandro Sabal

Mobility of the future
Photography: Jordi Bernadó
Alejandro Sabal

Doctoral student in economics at Princeton (USA), and specialist in industrial organization and international trade

"In New York, there are subsidies that cover up to 100% of the cost of installing charging infrastructure," says Alejandro Sabal. He that numerous studies on the most effective way to encourage society as a whole to move to 100% use of electric cars have concluded that (as in the United States), the collaboration and support of local and federal administrations is essential for creating extensive charging networks.


In Barcelona, as in Spain as a whole, there are two lines of action, says Sabal. On the one hand, the government has provided incentives for different funding plans, like the Moves Plan, which encourages consumers to buy electric vehicles and provides investment for charging infrastructure. On the other hand, there are city initiatives such as Endolla Barcelona that have enabled the city to create the largest municipal charging infrastructure in Spain. Even so, he stresses, what the New York model teaches us is that both companies and individuals should be encouraged to use the public charging network, since it Is the only way to extend the network throughout the city and to "convince the people of Barcelona to buy an electric car."

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