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Urban design can galvanize the knowledge economy, by Ramon Gras

Urban design can galvanize the knowledge economy, by Ramon Gras

Ramon Gras

Researcher in Urban Design and City Science at Harvard and co-founder of Aretian Urban Analytics and Design

“Boston has developed a constellation of knowledge transfer centers that have massively increased job opportunities and the prosperity of inhabitants,” says Ramon Gras. He cites strategically located centers such as Greentown Labs, CIC, Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, Harvard iLab, The Engine, MassChallenge, MIT Martin Trust Center, and Techstars Boston , “some of the platforms that connect the productive economy with the scientific and technological advances coming from the leading research centers. They have been able to generate high quality professional opportunities, dramatically reduce unemployment, and raise inhabitants’ quality of life.”

Gras stresses that Barcelona is in a position to “create a network of strategically located technology transfer centers designed to serve as a bridge between research and the real economy.” “Leading health science centers such as the Trias i Pujol Research Institute and the Clínic, design schools such as Elisava, and schools of the quality of BarcelonaTech can hugely increase their social impact if they establish rigorous and creative links with the industrial fabric,” he concludes.

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