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Sustainability is the basis for change, by Francesc Rosell

Sustainability is the basis for change, by Francesc Rosell

Francesc Rosell

Associate Director in Fitch Ratings

Francesc Rosell, quantitative credit risk analyst at Fitch Ratings, says that Covid-19 measures in London were “forceful,” and included the closing of restaurants, bars, and other businesses. However, “this was compensated for with support for affected companies and workers.” Moreover, he adds that “the measures were clear and in force indefinitely until the situation abated."

He says that "controversial measures in Barcelona such as the mandatory use of masks outdoors and the ban on exercising in open spaces,” deprived people of a “valuable escape valve during the pandemic.”

Rosell concludes that Barcelona “must diversify its economy by seeking more sustainable sources of income” and opt for "higher quality tourism." He also encourages the city to take advantage of the “move to teleworking” in order to reduce commuting "and bring more life to the cities close to Barcelona."

Read the full interview in La Vanguardia.

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