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San Francisco: Behind the startups, by Paula Vich

San Francisco: Behind the startups, by Paula Vich

Paula Vich.

Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group. Specialist in innovation and digital marketing projects. MBA from Harvard Business School

“San Francisco is a mecca for technology start-ups,” says Paula Vich, but she stresses that the days of the college-age youngster working in the garage on an idea that is going to change the world are long gone. Today, says Vich, innovation comes from the synergy between young talent and large companies. Many of the Bay Area's corporate startups do not have immediate profitability as their main objective, and investors are more patient with the capital invested when it comes to evaluating ground-breaking projects.

In order to implement the San Francisco model in Barcelona, the city should become “a major hub that undertakes new innovative projects that can expand into Europe,” argues Vich, who points out that each company that establishes itself in Barcelona has a positive impact on the city's start-up culture. Vich points out that top quality, internationally competitive training courses in technology are essential for international talent to feel at home here.

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