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Singapur, paradigma de desarrollo y crecimiento, por Laura Abella

Singapur, paradigma de desarrollo y crecimiento, por Laura Abella

Photography: Kin Pastor (Pexels)
Laura Abella

Chief of Staff at Google

It is surprising to see how a small country with limited resources like Singapore has managed to develop so rapidly. It has done so by focusing on the areas in which it can be most competitive and positioning itself as one of the main regional hubs. Its success lies in prioritizing trade, foreign investment, and education, and providing facilities for companies to establish themselves and prosper.

Barcelona has numerous features that attract the best international talent,” says Abella. However, the city struggles to retain local talent. The key to leadership in a global world is to set clear growth targets, lead with innovative ideas, and provide facilities to attract talent. To this end, “Barcelona should seek to incentivize talent with better services and a higher standard of living,” adds Abella.

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