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Tokyo and its Olympic social awareness, by Jorge Calvo

Tokyo and its Olympic social awareness, by Jorge Calvo

Jorge Calvo

Vice-Dean and Strategy Lecture of Globis, Tokio.

Jorge Calvo, Vice-Dean of the GLOBIS Tokyo business school, stresses that less than two months before the start of the Olympic Games, Japan has shown “great resilience” and understands that it is necessary to place “social responsibility before individual interests.”

Despite the circumstances, Barcelona continues to be perceived in Asia as an open, friendly and enterprising city.

Barcelona’s nomination as World Capital of Sustainable Food and the fact that the city is beginning to open up to tourism now the majority of the population over 60 has been vaccinated have led many Japanese to think again of Barcelona as a tourist destination.

According to Calvo, Japan has been an example in terms of economic aid programs both “to mitigate the crisis” and to “promote structural changes and growth post Covid-19.”
He asserts that“institutional coordination and economic, financial and fiscal support during and after the pandemic are the keys to accelerate recovery,”  and concludes that Barcelona “should be able to allocate a higher percentage of its GDP to the recovery plan.”

Read the full interview in La Vanguardia.

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