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«Barcelona is an international cultural powerhouse», by Mark Pingitore

«Barcelona is an international cultural powerhouse», by Mark Pingitore

Mark Pingitore, Director of the American School of Barcelona

What percentage of your workers at the American School of Barcelona are international? Why is international talent important to the school?

Roughly two thirds of our staff is international. We are looking for faculty and educators who have experience with American educational pedagogy and who native English speakers as well as faculty who have worked in international schools around the globe.  Since we have 51 different nationalities, we believe it is important for faculty to have experience with a diverse student body.

What do you think are the challenges for Barcelona to continue attracting international talent?

The biggest challenge is the price of living is escalating and it is hard to pay talent on the current wages. We think Barcelona can also be more “international” friendly to help internationals land in Barcelona. The bureaucracy can be difficult to navigate.

And to be able to keep it? 

Barcelona is an international cultural powerhouse and has a great balance of living for internationals and locals.  It is becoming more culturally and internationally diverse.  Finally, it should keep growing the tech, cuisine, and entertainment industries that are also attractive for internationals.

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