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Science, a safe investment, by Alvaro Fernández

Science, a safe investment, by Alvaro Fernández

Alvaro Fernández Galiana

PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Following a first degree in Industrial Engineering from the UPC, Barcelona and a further degree in Aeronautics from ISAE, Toulouse, Álvaro Fernández Galiana is now studying for a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at MIT in Cambridge, USA. He points out that the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign in Massachusetts meant that by the beginning of June more than 70% of the adult population had received at least one dose of the vaccine. This success, he says, was due “to a huge coordinated effort by state and federal agencies to ensure that everyone could be vaccinated at no cost.”

He says that seen from outside, “it has been difficult to understand the constant changes in healthcare measures in Barcelona, which frequently seemed to be implemented at the wrong time and were not clearly explained.” On the positive side," he stresses, “despite the difficulties, we are now reaching vaccination levels that prompt a degree of optimism.”

Fernández Galiana asserts that one of the few positive consequences of this pandemic is that it has highlighted “the importance and the benefits of scientific research.” Barcelona must make sure not to miss the boat and must continue to invest heavily in this area. “Investing in science, whether in biotechnology, renewables or other sectors, is investing in the future of the people of Barcelona. It is a safe investment” he concludes.

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