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When being green is never enough, by Marc Francés Senar

When being green is never enough, by Marc Francés Senar

Photograph: Unsplash
Marc Francés Senar

Managing Director of Sarah Marlex and People & Culture Director of Grupo Marlex

Brussels prevails as clear example of the convergence of urban and green spaces that invite to rest and relax. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 15m2 per inhabitant as the ideal urban green space and while Brussels offers 19m2 to its citizens, Barcelona only does it in one of the seven districts (Sants-Monjuïc). Thus, there is still a long way to go.

'The high number of green spaces in a medium-sized city is accompanied by good urban planning in the surrounding area, accessibility by all types of transport and a strong focus on their maintenance and revitalisation,' ‘explains Francés.

In Barcelona's case, the impossibility of extending the city makes it difficult to plan new green projects. In this regard, Francés proposes solutions to this urban planning challenge related to 'making the most of existing spaces, promoting micro-projects to make the city more pleasant and promoting public-private collaboration'

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