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London: leader in fintech, by Pablo Lores

London: leader in fintech, by Pablo Lores

Photo: Josh Hild
Pablo Lores

Pablo Lores is studying for an MBA at London Business School. He spent 4 years working for Mastercard in New York.

"The City has a very strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is demonstrated by the emergence of a number of unicorns in recent years, with around 50% of European FinTech unicorns based in London", says Pablo Lores who stresses that they were supported by public sector grants and private sector investments, creating a perfect ecosystem for the incorporation of young local and international talent who wish to enter one of the best valued sectors, "making London remain a benchmark in the transformation of the sector in Europe."

Above all, Barcelona should strengthen "the FinTech entrepreneurial ecosystem". To do this, Lores stresses that the city needs to step up its commitment to innovation and technology, while providing greater support to companies in the sector. Secondly, Barcelona should also create a good legislative framework to attract foreign talent, making it easier for them to work in Spain. Finally, the city should foster local talent, ensuring that students understand the importance of "one of the most important transformations of the decade".

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