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Markets for both locals and touris, by Barbara Jäger

Markets for both locals and touris, by Barbara Jäger

Fotografía: anna-m. w. (Pexels)
Barbara Jäger

Retail Innovation Scout & Consultant at Retail Innovation Consulting

A community project in ongoing dialogue with local residents, the Markthalle Neun arket in Berlin, opened its doors in 2011. The trend for local produce means that the market has recovered its role as a meeting point, and now encourages initiatives, cohesion, and local identity.

“The Boqueria market must regain its appeal as a place to buy fresh produce and as a meeting place for the people of Barcelona,” says Barbara Jäger. To do so, the market should modernize while remaining to true to its traditional values. This should make it attractive to both locals and tourists. “La Boqueria still has a good reputation for the quality of its food,” she adds. It needs to build on these good foundations.

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